Psychiatric Care

Our psychiatric unit offers a safe, structured, and home-like environments for residents with a chronic mental illness. Our caregivers receive specialized and ongoing training to ensure the optimal quality of life for residents, including de-escalation training and crisis prevention training. Compassion and respect for the dignity of each resident drives our psychiatric team to help build self-esteem and daily living skills.

Specialized Treatments Offered

Community Reintegration

We work with residents to help them understand their illness and actively participate in their treatment, facilitating stabilization, recovery and helping patients return to independent living when possible. We offer community passes, and supervised smoking to help residents achieve stable daily routines and improved quality of life during their stay.

Behavior/Symptom Management

We strive to understand and manage each residents’ individual emotional, psychiatric and medical needs. The goal is to build residents’ self-esteem and coping strategies, so they can lead productive daily lives.

Medication Management

The multi-disciplinary team of medical and psychiatric caregivers establish a medication and administration plan for each resident. This plan is constantly monitored and evaluated for effectiveness.

Skills Training

Our staff and therapists work alongside residents to help them master daily living skills. From personal hygiene to utilizing public transportation, handling money, and developing employment skills, we aim to help residents develop their self-esteem while preparing them to live independently.